Bridge Inspections

Bridge Inspections

Our team of structural surveyors and technical operatives are experienced in carrying out bridge inspections as well as inspections to other concrete structures.
We can mobilise rapidly to attend structures on Highways, Rail, commercial and residential infrastructure.

Bridge inspections are fundamental to monitoring and maintaining structural integrity to help prevent the likelihood of accident or disaster. The inspections should be carried out as part of the structure management program to maintain the bridge condition to a high standard and provide longevity.

A bridge inspection can also provide useful data in case of proposed change of use, possibly necessitating increased loadings by adding additional walkways or traffic lanes.

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The special assessment testing we can perform includes:

• Full visual inspections
• Tap hammer surveys
• Half-Cell potential surveys
• Concrete resistivity measurement
• Concrete carbonation testing
• Reinforcement surveys using electromagnetic cover meters and / or GPR (Ground penetrating radar)
• Concrete hardness testing utilising Schmidt hammers
• Load/pull out/pull off testing
• Tendon inspection using borescope/endoscope
• Demec crack measurement
• Asbestos inspection/analysis
• Metal thickness & hardness testing
• IFT (Internal fracture testing)

Our special assessment bridge inspection testing is supported by our general testing methods:

• Diamond drilling to remove concrete cores
• Intrusive break outs to determine rebar or other structural detail

Why choose us for bridge inspections?

The purposes for the above testing methods are to determine a structures’ condition, carry out a comparative quality assessment, examine localised integrity, assess potential durability and to identify causes of deterioration.

The majority of the in-situ testing methods above are most effective when used on a comparative basis. The data collected from a suite of recommended testing can be correlated by one of our surveyors/engineers. Results interpreted from the tests are used to make a recommendation for any remedial or repair work required.

Please contact our survey team for more information or to enquire.