Drilling Services

Site Investigation Drilling Services

We offer a wide range of site investigation drilling services. This includes tracked windowless sampling, cable percussive (shell and auger), rotary coring, rotary auger, lightweight window sampler systems and hydrostatic diamond drilling.

We are able to provide a variety of drilling equipment enabling site investigation in restricted or difficult access environments to be carried out. These environments could include basements, light-wells, within buildings, low height areas, rear gardens and on steep slopes or embankments, where larger equipment cannot access.

Our specialist drilling staff are qualified to, or are actively working towards, NVQ Land Drilling standards and our operatives are fully CSCS, PTS and LUL accredited.


Windowless site investigation sampling boreholes

Site Investigation drilling Dart mastOur in house teams use a lightweight Archway dart rig to collect undisturbed samples to a depth of approximately 8mbgl. This rig uses a 63.5kg weight to hammer selected lined sample tubes into the ground to collect samples. The Dart offers a variety of in-situ testing and sampling techniques, including Dynamic Probing, Standard Penetration Testing, Cone Penetration Tests and U100 sampling. 

Hand held window sampler boreholes

Contaminated land survey Geotechnical services site investigation drilling window samplingFor many limited access site investigation projects requiring geotechnical investigation, handheld window sampling is used to provide shallow sampling of soils. A handheld JCB breaker is attached to sampling tubes which are driven into the sub-surface, and subsequently extracted using hydraulic jacks. Where a strength profile of the sub-surface is required, dynamic probing is used alongside the window sampler.

Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling ServicesWhen the thicknesses of existing foundations need to be proven, or floor slab sampling is required for compressive strength testing diamond Drilling allows precise, clean excavations with diameter ranges of 8 mm to 800 mm.
Diamond Drilling utilises a high torque rotary drill with a diamond tipped drill bit. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material in the world so is ideal for creating openings in a range of materials including concrete, metal and glass.
Diamond Drilling is a non-percussive technique, and so structural integrity is maintained during the excavation. Water can be added through the driving shaft to cool and lubricate the drilling barrel and the drills can be operated in either a vertical or horizontal direction depending on the project requirements.

Cable Percussive/Shell and auger boreholes

Diamond Drilling Services

When drilling in superficial deposits or weak rock (e.g. Chalk) is required, Cable Percussion may be used to provide depths of up to 90 metres depending on ground conditions with borehole diameters ranging from 150 mm – 300 mm diameter.
The rig is mobilised to site towed by a four-wheel drive vehicle to aid with awkward access positions. All our cable percussion rigs have full LOLER certification and all SPT equipment is calibrated annually.
Cable Percussion Drilling is a cost-effective method of drilling weak and superficial formations for site investigation purposes. Our rigs are capable of in-situ testing and sampling by means of Standard Penetration Testing (SPT), UT100/U100 sample collection, and in-situ installations.

Rotary Drilling Rigs

Rotary drilling rig

Where drilling of deep boreholes and/or sample recovery of competent rock is required, Rotary Drilling techniques can be used to obtain the necessary investigation data with modern, multi-function plant.
Rotary Drilling uses percussive sampling within the upper superficial deposits until rockhead, with the hole subsequently advanced using rotary coring or drilling depending on the project and sampling requirements.
In-situ testing in the form of SPT/SPT-C and borehole installations are possible alongside the Rotary Drilling method. Rock samples can be stored within protective core boxes for subsequent logging and sampling.

All drilling services are available in conjunction with our site investigation services. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and for a free quotation.