Plate Load Tests

Plate Load Tests

Constructive Evaluation Ltd recently worked alongside Scottish and Southern Energy to carry out a number of plate load tests to aid with the construction of a new storage facility within the railway gantry at a site in Hampshire.

Plate Load Test

A plate load test (a.k.a. plate bearing test) is an in-situ test performed on medium and coarse-grained soils to determine its likely settlement under a specific pressure and to satisfy concerns of failure under high loads. A series of staged plate load tests were complete at ground level, on top of the sub-base and after excavation to 500mm below ground level, refilled and compacted using type 1 aggregate.

The tests were complete to aid in the decision making for the design and potential economic impact the construction will produce, based on whether the existing material is suitable for the structure or whether some further engineering works are required.

Constructive Evaluation van under railway gantry

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