Testing in The Thames

Testing in The Thames

Constructive Evaluation were recently commissioned to undertake an unusual Ground Investigation project – providing design parameters for the construction of a new shipping jetty over the River Thames in Northfleet, London.

Hydrostatic Coring

This involved carefully cutting through the existing concrete jetty over the River Thames using our hydrostatic coring equipment .

Rotary Coring Rig

Following the concrete coring, a combination of Cable Percussive and Rotary Coring drilling methods were utilised so as to sample the river sediments and obtain core samples of the chalk bedrock below. Casing was dropped through the jetty prior to drilling to provide support within the soft river sediments.

Cable Percussive Drilling

Once back in the office, the opportunity was taken for some further detailed chalk logging, as well as to select key samples for a range of geotechnical and geo-environmental tests.

Chalk Samples

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