Dart Rig Investigation in Hastings

Dart Rig Investigation in Hastings

CE were instructed to assess the ground conditions underlying the Royal Albion pub in Hastings. Upcoming renovation works require scaffolding which will be supported by new foundations. The 18th century pub, included a basement level with restricted access down narrow stairs. It was therefore necessary to undertake the dart rig investigation from the ground floor.

Dart rig on ground floor

Following the removal of floorboards, and the flagstone of the basement floor, the dart rig was hand manoeuvred over the required location and connected to a hydraulic power pack left outside. The local geology is granular and so casing was required in order to prevent the hole collapsing during soil extraction. Initially, three casing lengths were joined to span the gap between the ground floor level and through the basement to 1.00mbgl; with each metre drilled, a new length of casing was added. In this example 6.00m depth was achieved, or 4.00m from the basement level, with in-situ Standard Penetration Testing at 1.00m intervals.

dart rig basement detail

Our Archway Lightweight Competitor Dart rig can be demounted from its tracked base for locations where access won’t allow for a fully tracked unit, and powered by a petrol/diesel power pack or a 110v/32amp electric source. Depending on the soils encountered, with the option of five 1.00m lengths of casing we can achieve depths of between 6.00-10.00mbgl.

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