A Celebration of 25 years!

25 years of business

A Celebration of 25 years!


As CE reaches its 25th year of business our Managing Director, Paul Moore, reflects on the company’s growth and potential moving forward:

“Well, here we are! 25 years in business who would have thought it?!
I have been asked to write a piece on the company to celebrate this milestone. (With a little help) have put together a brief history of how it happened!

CE was borne out of the recession of 1993. I had been put on a three day week by my employer, who gave his blessing to my idea to start something of my own. I originally wanted to call the company Constructive Solutions but the name was already taken, after a few beers in the George at Felpham my brother Graham suggested Evaluation and it stuck.

Armed with an Escort estate for transport, a Bosch drill and a brand new Kolectric cover meter I was set! I began work from a desk in my brother’s office in Chichester and set about ringing everybody I knew (and a few I didn’t!). Initially business was slow and I worked hard to progress the contracts over my two available week days. I worked on the rail at weekends covering additional labour as and when required with support from Graham within MSA (since dissolved) who provided invaluable admin support.

After year one I was able to end my involvement with my previous employer and concentrate full-time on Constructive. This enabled me to expand my client base and develop the business further with the employment of additional staff.

Over the second and third years we went from strength to strength and the company was able to evolve and diversify. Our services expanded into soils as well as materials testing. (My background as a soils laboratory technician, as well as working in the concrete testing industry for Tarmac held me in good stead, and allowed me to provide a greater scope of services and therefore, a wider client catchment.) New staff were taken on to grow the Geotechnical and Geo-environmental departments and to better progress the business and increase turnover. New offices were sought in Chichester to house the additional staff and to facilitate our growth into a multidisciplinary consultancy. Another office move in the late 1990s saw the business grow yet further with 2000 square feet of office space at Vinnetrow industrial park. Eventually we moved out of these offices to our current premises in Ford.

We now support a staff of some 25-30 covering the disciplines of Geotechnical Geo-environmental, and Building and materials testing with other specialists in asbestos surveys, drainage, and historic surveys to name a few. We have particular expertise on the rail and hold qualifications and certification supporting each of these disciplines. We have also set-up a small soils laboratory. Conveniently situated on site, to provide the basics for soils and concrete testing with speedy turnaround.

A special thank you must go to our loyal and fantastic clients over this past 25 years! Without you none of it would have been possible. We look forward to continuing working together for the next 25!